Sunday, June 27, 2010

I was sad today as I packed up the last bit of Shelby's newborn clothes. We have a few dresses left but the rest is tucked away in a box. We are now officially in 0-3 months. She is growing so fast, I knew it would go fast but not like this. I am excited to see what life will bring us as we move on to the next milestones but sad at the same time. Shelby is so close to rolling over and we almost got a giggle out of her tonight. We also have removed the incline from her bath tub so she lays flat. She loves it even more now then before. She kicks her legs and grins. Its like she is practicing swimming.
I am also so happy that I made it to my first goal with providing breast milk for her. I still have my days when I am sad that we weren't able to nurse but I am happy that I am able to pump and provide for her. So my next goal is to get to 6 months.