Thursday, July 15, 2010

4 month Check up

Shelby had her 4 month check up ,yes its about a week early, but I wanted Mike to be able to go since I hate when she has to get shots. She weighs 11lbs 5.5lbs, 24 inches long, and her head is 14 inches. Dr. says she is growing well and has no concerns.
She cried when she got her shots but once they were done she was all smiles. She loves to flirt with the Dr. she always gives him big smiles and talks to him.
Two nights in a row Shelby has slept great. Tues. night she slept from 9-6 with small waking periods but once we gave her the pacifier she was back to sleep. Last night she slept from 8-7 and only really woke up 1x around 11, but went right back to sleep.
We also started rice cereal and she loves it. We started in hopes it would help enough to take her off the acid reflux medication. We are on day 2 and so far so good.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Moving All Over

Yesterday Shelby rolled from her tummy to her back. I thought the first time was a fluke since she was kind of propped up on a blanket. So I moved the blanket out from under her and sure enough she did it 2 more time. She does it almost every time I place her one her tummy. She is almost able to get from her back onto her tummy but she just gets on her side and goes back. I know she will get it soon.
Then today she has been laying on her back and scooting all over the place. She usually just goes in a circle which is pretty funny to watch but sometimes she manages to go backwards. So much for her staying where I leave her. Time for a pack n play so I can at least go to the bathroom and know she is safe.
Now that she moves a lot more I worry about the dogs. I don't think they would hurt her on purpose but they seem to being getting more curious about her when she moves and makes her noises.
Everything goes in the mouth these days. She drools all over everything, between the drooling, spiting up, and chewing we are going through a ton of laundry. Wish I had someone who would come over and just do laundry since it is my least favorite chore.
4TH of July was so much fun. I wasn't sure how Shelby would be with the fireworks, but she didn't seem to mind them at all. They were pretty loud, and she still managed to fall asleep and stay asleep through the whole thing.
My little girl is growing up too fast. She will be 4 months old at the end of the month.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Houston Aquarium

We went to the Houston Downtown Aquarium on Wed. and Shelby was in love with the big reef tank. When I walked away from it she got so mad, so I had to go back and stand there longer. She also really liked the Tigers (I did too). He kept staring at us, I think he might have seen Shelby as a snack. LOL
I do believe that Shelby is teething. She chews on her hands or anything that comes near her mouth, all the time and she is super fussy. Hope she doesn't actually get teeth until at least 6-7 months.