Friday, February 25, 2011

11 Mon Old Today

Shelby is 11 months old today, bittersweet. She is an amazing little girl full of spunk and determined ( stubborn ). She is still on the small side but for now I am putting that worry to rest, she is meeting all her milestones with in the "normal" range and she is ahead in other areas.
We did meet with a GI specialist 3 weeks ago, he did some blood work since her primary doctors blood work showed some elevated liver enzymes. We didn't discuss what that could mean, which I am thankful for. We go back on Wed. and until someone tell me there is cause for concern I will just assume I have a petite little girl.
I am not sure how to feel about her turning 1. I am excited at all the new things we have to look forward to, but still wanting her to be a baby. Funny thing is Shelby has not been much of a cuddlier since she has become mobile. I was missing that yesterday, I just wanted to cuddle with my little one. Well, we were playing last night and she was trying to walk and she did a face plant right onto the carpet. She was so upset and I scooped her up and held and she cuddle for about 20 min. Shortly after that I put her to bed like usual. Then at about 10:30 she woke up and wanted me to pick her up, normally I just lay her back down, so I did. And we laid in bed and cuddle for 30 min. and she fell asleep in my arms. It has been so long since she fell asleep with me.
They always say "Enjoy this time, it goes too fast". And now I am sitting her crying realizing how try that really is. I love my little girl so much, I just want to put the breaks on and take every moment and cherish it.

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